The world of freelance and virtual teams is here, and boy am I glad to have it.

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Flexible working is happening across the corporate world, not just the self employed and international businesses. The ability to connect and communicate without having to travel for miles means we can stay connected with our teams, find team members who perhaps may not have been able to work with us in our own locations, or even have employees or teams who may have been unable to leave their homes.

Here are just some of the benefits I have found with working with a virtual team:

  • I can stay in touch without leaving the office.
  • I can find the right people for the roles I require assistance with.
  • My team can work as and when they can, meaning more flexibility for them.
  • There are tools available to monitor completed tasks and those that require more information to complete.

Thanks to the growth in technology we have such a wonderful world of possible teams out there, that it can seem all to be beneficial. There can be some issues as well.

  • The fact that teams only stay in touch virtually can make them feel “apart” from the rest of the business. I highly suggest regular get togethers, group calls and also a feeling of being a part of the growth. Take on their ideas and implement them.
  • You cannot monitor when and how jobs are completed. Make sure to stay in touch and be there if they have any questions at all. (Use tools like asana or do to help monitor completetion).

How do you work with a virtual team? Have you even considered it?

Next week I will look into how best to work with a virtual team, but if you can’t wait, take a look at my series of video blogs here, filmed by Redbook Productions.