As a lover of schedules, you may find it strange to hear that I have a sort of butterfly mind.

When a client comes to me with an amazing idea, I get swept up into it all and help them with all they need, and then realise my schedule is missed.

At least I used to.

Thanks to some productivity tips below, and some determination, I have helped to control my butterfly mind, while also remaining open and reactive so clients feel they can still get in touch with their ideas, while I still get everything done!

  1. Have a clear workspace – ensuring my workspace is free helps to keep me from wanting to tidy something or read something. I have to be pretty Business planminimalist in my office, and I also ensure that I put things away at the end of the day!
  2. Work around your mind – a schedule is one thing, but having the ability to go out, have meetings and enjoy the day is another, very important part to running a business. My schedules allow me to have time each day when I can be reactive. If a project comes in from a client, I have the ability to do it that or the next day. Being able to do this allows me to know when and how much time I have to do what I “want”.
  3. Have supporters around you – my business is growing, which is wonderful. I already have one person working with me who helps with the strict, time-sensitive tasks around content and writing, and we are also looking for another. This helps me to be doing more of what I am best at – the reactive tasks that are “I need this now” or “I have an idea”, rather than the regular tasks which keep us stuck to our desks. Knowing what you enjoy most is essential.
  4. Take note of when you work best – perhaps you are a morning person, as I am, mostly! I work best in the morning, doing social media engagement for clients from the comfort of my laptop, at 7am, getting conversations started. I then falter at around 3pm. This is the time I give myself to then take a break, walk the dog, and even get on with my own business work. I can then get on with the last tasks of the day between 4 and 6pm, which works for me.

How do you ensure you stay productive, if you are a person who works best with reactive tasks?


As you may notice, I am starting the 30 day blogging challenge, so this means my productivity will need to be fully managed! I will be working on blogs over three categories – networking, business and my own personal blog, I’d love for you to join me, sign up to the blog you enjoy most, and perhaps even share them.