Social Media is a big thing to many businesses, no matter the size or type. It can depend on the industry where you go to get your name out there, but the world of social media has meant that micro, small, medium and large companies can all get their name out there, to potential customers and referral partners.

Now the question is – how does it actually HELP to get you noticed, and how can you use it to gain customers?

Well, let me start with the helping side, as I love to help!

  1. It gets you found – well of course. Put your name in enough places and more people will be able to find out about you. Top Tip: make sure your bios all sing from the same hymn sheet, preventing confusion.
  2. It gets you noticed – if you are using it the right way, it will get you noticed for good reasons, which means more people who will love you. Top Tip: Ensure you have the time to commit to the social networks you choose, creating a profile that isn’t active is worse than no profile.
  3. It helps you to connect – social media is a great place to connect with others. Whether it’s industry leaders you want to engage with, potential clients or current customers – social media is a place to build relationships. No more cold calls, no more customers waiting on hold for ages, social media is the place to go when you want to connect with a brand, and when a brand wants to connect with people. Top Tip : Reply to mentions, people will want to hear back from you.

Social media network abstract speech bubbles

How can you use social media to gain customers? Well, that is a long list of things, but my top 3 ways to utilise social media to help me get customers is:

  1. I build my expertise and help others to see I know what I’m talking about. Utilise video channels to help you share insider information that people will find, watch and share. Use blogs to help you build your reputation in your industry. Answer questions posted to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (to name but a few) to help you build your reputation.
  2. I connect with people I have met in person. This is a great way to boost that relationship after a networking meeting. Tweet them, connect on LinkedIn and follow their page over on Facebook – these are all a great way to get into their minds as a great brand to engage with. They’ll most likely do the same back once you have started the ball rolling.
  3. Stand out from the crowd. Be unique on social media, be different from your competition, and you will be noticed. I find the way I get noticed, is by being engaging on social media. I am truly passionate about the SOCIAL in social media, and I make that apparent across all forms of social networks that I use. I don’t use social media as a megaphone, more a pair of headphones to connect with people. How will you stand out from your competition?

I hope these small tips to using social media to get noticed on social media will help, if you have any questions at all, let me know in the comments below, I’d love to help if I can, or recommend people who can :).