I love a good plan, me. You may notice this when/if you start to work with Amethyst – we have a strategy behind all of what we do. Whether it’s our own management of our accounts, which I’ll admit usually get done at the end of the month – cobbler’s shoes come to mind – or that we send our weekly “in our diary” email to all clients who tend to enjoy working on an ad hoc basis.¬†

Email designThe same goes for our e-newsletter. After a year of nothing being sent, I took the plunge and started to do what I suggested for my clients – a regular, easy to read e-newsletter. With this comes a plan.

I like to work in a yearly plan, but you can do this monthly, quarterly or however you want, as long as it isn’t the day before it’s due and you get all flustered.

What do I include in our e-newsletter plan?

  1. General title and reason behind it – this means that I may have come up with a snazzy title to attract our readers, but then having a reason behind the title. This is the basis of the e-newsletter itself. This can be a subject, the part of the editor’s letter or just a link to the piece that inspired this e-newsletter.
  2. Titles for the separate sections Рmost enewsletters have sections to them (or at least this is what I suggest), so having the titles for the sections you want to have really helps in the planning process. Even if this is a common selection of the sections you need to fill. For us we have the  intro, which explains to our readers what to expect, then a navigation section so people can see what is coming and easily get to their most interesting part, a main article, blog of the month with a small blurb and link, then we have 3 mini sections Рan event to attend, a charity of the month and a tool review. I then add a quote that sang to me that month and voila, all done!
  3. When and how it will be shared! My goodness, if you aren’t sharing that you have an enewsletter then there is just no point in creating it. Know where it will be shared, and when the piece will be going out.

These are just three of the things I like to do for planning for our E-Newsletter, would love to know what you do.