So, here I am on a Sunday, working on my own social media management. Yes, a thing I do need to do for my own business, but one that is usually left to last!

I noticed a few new followers, and as usual I checked out their profile, said “hello how are you, thank you for following” or similar, and followed back ones that I thought were of interest (or already knew personally).

Now, here’s how NOT to reply to a hello thank you tweet, after following someone.

1. Have a blatent reply with “Follow Back” – not even a reply, just a statement to tell that person to follow you back is a sure fire way to make them not follow you back. It’s rude, it doesn’t make me want to follow you, and it also makes me question why you followed me. As it turns out, it was because they are at their limit of follow / following numbers – which means they can’t follow anyone new until someone they follow, follows them back.

This person is meant to be a “GURU” according to their account bio…hmmm.

Here’s on to the positives, to helping you grow your Twitter following. I much prefer the positives!

1. Thank new followers you receive on Twitter. This is a lovely bonus to the people that connect with you. You may also want to follow them back too. A kind “Hello, thank you for connecting” is good. You can also take it on to the “what got you to connect?” – a lovely way to find out if they were interested in your service, cause or product.

2. Sharing is caring. Share the content of your following on Twitter. That will help boost people to wanting to engage with you. You can also thank people for sharing your content (tough on Hootsuite, but very easy on Twitter’s mobile app!).

3. Reply! You know that warm gooey feeling you get when someone, especially a big celebrity or business, replies to you? That feeling can be the same for the people who connect with you. I get this with many of our clients that have products their fans love. It really helps you to build a community around your brand. Your followers will be happy to come to your Twitter profile to ask questions, shout their love of your brand and to share it with their friends too.

These are just three of my tips to ensuring your fans start loving you on Twitter, and a little niggly “no no” on Twitter which I’ll admit, came out of a real-life issue I had today.

What do you suggest doing to help you get more fans for your Twitter account?