Latching on from last week’s post about how to get noticed in the crowd, I thought I would take you a little deeper into my world.

Social media – how can you get your charity noticed on social media?

Well, I don’t like to make it sound too difficult, but social media is becoming a noisy place out there. You can become one with it, or you can shine bright.

It’s all down to your content, the way you communicate with people and how you get people to learn more about you and donate, without feeling pushed. As a Brit, I find it hard to “sell” to people. If I like someone, and they like me and what I do, they may want to use my service. That’s the end of that.

However, we do need to share more than just “we’re a nice charity, come say hello” – you need to actually be the change, bring a difference to those you are helping.

Social conversation

I have seen some wonderful ways charities can do this, and some shockers, which are mainly from the big guys!

Don’t just shout about yourselves:

Some of the bigger charities just post galore about their own stuff with a nice picture. Blergh. This will not get you noticed if you’re a smaller charity without the huge profits behind you and budget to pay for the advertising and the years behind you to have the countless donators. So you need to be a little inventive.

Engage with other charities that provide a synergy with your own – share their cause with others, as those who like their charity may love yours, and vice versa. They’ll then see this and do the same for you.

Engage with your audience – you need to know who your best givers are. Just like a business, you need to do market research. It’s essential. You can’t just say “anyone who is charitable”! Truly think about who you are pulling the heartstrings of, who are the people who regularly come and donate or fundraise for you?

Share real images:

People donate because they care, they want that bubbly feeling of good will. If they are fundraising, you need to have had an attachment with these people. Perhaps they’ve been affected by the disease you are helping to fund a cure for – whatever it is, images will help you to convey this message. Share the ways you have helped others, share your team and where you are going to cheer on runners at an event. Great, familial images rock.

There are many other ways to make the most of social media, let it be the voice that can help you speak to thousands more people than you could imagine and be bold.