Yes, there are a LOT of charities, just in the UK, according to the recent charity register statistics, there’s a total of 164,097! Of that total, 144,119 are below the £500,000 income bracket, with 67, 972 charities within the £10,000 or lower bracket.

Now, if you’re a local, home-grown charity, aiming to move your less than £10,000 income bracket charity, to over that line – you have a lot of people to compete with. Just search for “horse charity UK” on Google, and you get 30,400,000 results.

My oh my.

So how can your charity stand out from the crowd?

Get personal

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Your story is your shining light – whether it was a family member who inspired you, a local, a friend or just a want to do better, your story will be your biggest asset.

The best way to share your story is through local news, online and through your website. For goodness sake, if you don’t have a “why we’re here” page or similar, you need to stop reading and do that now.

If you need a hand with getting your name into the local and national news, there are some awesome PR companies out there that specialise in charities. Here’s one I recommend highly.

Be engaging

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Speak to your community. Make it easy for them to get in touch with you, find out more about you and utilise the social creatures we are and be social. This can be online, in person, over the phone and through old fashioned through the door marketing.

Although I personally specialise in social media, my contacts find that some of the best ways to raise a charity’s profile is by having the founder and their team be the face of their campaigns and fundraisers. Become that voice, and let others speak with you. Go to the fundraisers your communities are holding for you. Thank them and connect with them on as many levels as you can.

Be Unique

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Oh dang – this is a hard one.

You’re unique, believe me when I say that. However, there’s a lot of competition out there, so be a niche or unique charity that people will connect with on a deeper level. Start small and you will grow.

Connect and share the bigger boy’s stuff – you never know, a community of people who are already interested in the bigger charities will notice you and want to find out more. If they are already interested in the competition charity’s pages, then they will be interested in you.

Good luck out there. Let me know how you get your charity noticed!