Sharing – what a wonderful thing!

The best thing you can ever receive on social media, whether it’s Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, your blog or Linkedin is a share.

Once you have been able to get yourself noticed on social media, you can then start to see the build up of engaged fans. These fans will want to help you to grow your cause. Vector retro labels with ecology signs

First: You need to find your super fans! These are not just the people that were with you from the start, they may have joined only recently, but have already done so much. They may have organised an event, shared your cause with friends and family and may have even fundraised for you. Those super fans are your biggest asset. Treasure them, engage with them daily and thank them regularly and beautifully.

Second: Create content that is short enough to be retweeted, not just quoted. The new feature on Twitter allows you to quote a tweet – this can be excellent, but also a little frustrating, as on dashboards a link is shared, not the full status update.

On Facebook, make content that does not require a “read more” button, and use awesome images, even in the links based updates.

Ensure to have a CTA on all of your facebook updates and on your page – thanks to this new feature it couldn’t be easier to get people to donate to you. There’s even the “donate” button – perfect for charities!

Third: Encourage more sharing, by thanking others and sharing other content. Givers always give – so feel this way when you are using social media. Share other people’s content. Especially in Twitter and Facebook – this shows you are using these platforms to engage, not shout.

Good luck, and enjoy the shares!