Facebook groups are great for building relationships and getting known for what you do. The only issue is, you can’t use them as a page, you need to engage as your personal profile.

This can actually be a positive if you do it right.


I wanted to share a few tips on how to use a Facebook group to help you build your brand awareness.

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1. Make sure your profile says where you work! You can link to your Facebook Page too, so whenever someone from a group clicks your profile they’ll find out more about your business.


2. don’t use a group like a marketing board. This will be the perfect way to be banned from a group (or just really annoy the members).


3. Be engaging and open. Ask great questions for the group around the subject, be there to both offer advice and support as well as to receive it. You need to post questions to prove that you are using the group to help and be helped too.


4. Find your target audience. There are countless groups out there, so use a search word that your target audience will use or would be a part of. For example, if your top customers are chefs in twyford use “cooking” “chefs” and/or “twyford” and join two or three groups from each.


I also join groups with my peers. These help me to learn more about my industry, as well as ask questions I may not wish to ask in front of friends or potential clients.


Facebook groups can be an amazing way to boost your brand and your name with potential customers, if you use them the right way. Give them a try and let me know how you get on!