Business a head8So, you’re probably sort of up to date with all the emails, social media, marketing plans and with your clients…sort of…maybe?

Don’t worry! Coming back to the world of business, especially if you work on your own and from home, can be tough.

How can you get back into the swing of the business world, without feeling drained and in need of another week off?

Here’s how I’ve done it:

1. Plan your days – I love a good schedule, so taking 20 minutes to reorganise my diary to help me put my days into strategic slots (for me it’s 10 – 15 minutes!), helps me refocus. Clients get specific times in the slots, meetings, coffee & personal breaks too. It’s a welcomed relief to see a well-planned week ahead, as well as when I can arrange new business meetings and my own marketing.

2. Give yourself new places to work. I need to be able to work in a different location once a week. Whether it’s from my laptop in the living room or from a coffee shop. I personally need that change of scenery to help keep me motivated, and to prevent going stir-crazy!

3. Plan meetings, networking and social time. If you don’t already do regular networking, then now is the time to start! Ask contacts in the area and clients, where they go to network with other business owners and try it out. Having time set aside for seeing friends and family, will help you relax into work.

All in all, knowing what is going on in your day, to help you get back to business at your own pace, will help you be more focused and feel more in control. (at least this does for me!).

How do you get back into the flow of business after time away?