You are allowed a holiday! Just because you run your own business does not mean you have to stick to your desk / products every darn day. Stop beating yourself up and ensure you are allowing yourself time away.

For me, it’s been a few long weekends here and there to help me get back into the zone, relax and well, just give myself some me time. There will be a longer holiday this year, thanks to having a better alarm system back in our new home.

Depositphotos_12588880_xsNow, on to the ways to get back and motivated in your business after this time away, especially if it is for a longer period of time.

1. I always tell my clients that I will be back a day after I land/return. This gives me 24 hours at least, to get over jet lag, sort the unpacking and get back into my business zone!

2. Plan ahead. If you ensure your diary is ready and waiting for you on your return, you’ll know exactly what will be going on! Now that is a lovely feeling.

3. Get your emails maintained. You can get a VA to help, a co-worker, someone on your team…anyone, that will be trustworthy enough to help manage your email while you are gone. This will not only help you enjoy the time away (no checking emails!!) but will prevent email stress on your return.

My top tips for helping someone manage your emails while you are away:

  • Create folders and explain them. Including “Important – to reply” – you need to reply to this. This will be your first folder to look at on your return. “Important – replied” (this means your manager has replied to the message with a holding email, but that you need to see it. “To Read Later” – this will be enewsletters, dailies, and non-client emails but for you to read.
  • Explain your requirements and test it! Give your manager a day or two to manage your emails while you are still in the country / able to check. So they can then be told if there are any that are incorrect and why.

4. Don’t expect too much in the first two to three days. You will be in holiday mode, so give yourself tasks that are easy to do, and give yourself breaks until you feel back to your motivated and energised self.

How do you get yourself back into business mode after time off?