Tony DonoghueHannah gave a great presentation this morning on the use of LinkedIn. Feilding many real world questions and answering them all with ease; demonstrating real expert knowledge and understanding of the LinkedIn platform. Hannah could add value to any business looking to make better use of social media.

Tony Donoghue
Magikos IT

Nigel DacombeAs part of the Reading team, it has been great to work with Hannah. At our first Launch meeting with the new team, we had 40 businesses represented. Hannah managed the meeting superbly, keeping everything to time and under control. Very self assured. Fantastic!

Nigel Dacombe

Ian CrockerHannah does a great job at leading the 4N Reading Group. She's always organised and happy to help. She'd make an excellent PA.
Oh, she is! That explains it then.
Ian -

Ian Crocker
Absolute Learning

Hannah, from Amethyst PA, came to us with excitement and ideas for our potential marketing.
She managed our facebook page while we learned how to do it ourselves, managing promoted posts, ads and content about our upcoming events and offers within our leisure centre. We were happy with how efficient she was and her ideas that were different to our competitors.
We would recommend her in the future to others in our industry or those who require support with social media and coming up with ideas for their digital marketing

Steve McBride
Academy Sport

Sas HuntwoodHannah and her team have been instrumental in not only our online profile gaining massive momentum but also the launch of our new online portal.
Her professionalism and great ideas are amongst the main reasons why we have decided to work with her for the long term.
She is a pleasure to work with, always upbeat and we have seen a return on our investment in tangible and intangible areas within the first 3 months of working with her.

Sas Huntwood
The Sales Collective

Lizzie PhillipsI was asked the other day by a client how I balance being a Mum with running my own businesses, and I honestly replied with “I couldn’t do it without Hannah”.

Personality wise you match my style of writing, very positive, regularly available and always wanting to help. Very efficient and very speedy, meaning good value for money. I don’t have to explain twice, you get it first time and you always have my business at the heart of what you do.

From a business owner point of view, you have my business interests at heart, which is refreshing.

Lizzie Phillips
Cavara Training

Paul Smith
I have been using the expert services of AmethystPA for several months now, for my social media and website needs, and have been delighted with what they offer.

Both Hannah and Dinah take the trouble to engage me with my requirements and then go away and plan their attack, based upon these needs.

They never fail to come up trumps with excellent Twitter and blog posts, and have so far created an excellent total makeover of my website, with work in progress.

I would not hesitate to recommend AmethystPA to anyone, as you would be in safe and competent hands.

Price-wise, their rates are sensible and far from expensive. Everything that is asked of them is done, and you get valuable input to enable you to consider other options.

Paul Smith
WOT Travel

Julia CheesemanHannah is excellent teacher in Social Media, there is a lot out there but she simplified it and showed me what I needed to know.

Her training was calm and supportive at the same time we could have a laugh as well.

She has continued to support me after training which I really appreciate. Thank you

Julia Cheeseman
Starfish Admin Services

Chantal CorneliusHannah is the person I turn to when I need some technical help with social media. She knows how to make things work and how to make things look good.

I can send her an email about a mailing list, a social media account, a PowerPoint presentation, or a host of other issues, and she will sort it out for me. She's great at finding the quickest and most efficient way of doing something.

She's a great asset and a great person to have as part of my team.

Chantal Cornelius

Elaine SullivanHannah's workshop was fun, interactive and very informative, her knowledge on the subject is amazing.

I came away from the workshop much the wiser eager to put her suggestions and recommendations into action.

Elaine Sullivan
Skybrook Consultants Ltd

Tabitha GrayThe workshop was great, extremely informative and enough information to give you a great start in social media as a business.

Hannah presented the information with a depth of knowledge and enthusiasm which made the session really worthwhile.

Tabitha Gray

Jude PriceHannah was warm, friendly and down to earth and made the training session fun.
We covered a lot of topics which will be of enormous help to me.
I thought the interactive tasks for us to do at the end of each module worked well and a very practical way of us remembering what we had been told.

Jude Price
Creative Conundrums

Chantal CorneliusI was just checking through our newsletter and then I came to the last section. I’ve been struggling to think of what to write in it ... and you’ve done it for me! Either that or the magic marketing fairy has been busy!! I read through it and thought “That sounds just like me and the sort of thing that I would write. I couldn’t have put it better myself.”

Chantal Cornelius
Appletree Marketing

Jane HoworthHannah Liversidge held our hand during our first uncertain steps into the world of social media in 2012. Hannah was confident, knew her stuff and immediately set about promoting the British Hen Welfare Trust. Our online presence steadily grew, and in 2013 Hannah was integral in helping us to win a regional social media award.

We only let go of Hannah’s hand when we were able to manage social media in-house, but even then Hannah offered support as and when needed. As a result of my experience I could not recommend a nicer person than Hannah to work with.

Jane Howorth
British Hen Welfare Trust

Cemanthe HarrisI first met Hannah through Twitter and bringing her onboard to be my PA was certainly one of the best business decisions I've made so far. I'd been through quite a few PAs by the time I found her, and was beginning to despair of ever finding someone I could trust.
She's efficient, friendly, trustworthy and reliable... everything you need in a right hand woman who has access to your business and clients. I love the fact that she supports and encourages me in whatever needs doing, and looks after the business and our clients when I need to go away for some R&R. Highly recommend the services of Amethyst, you'll wonder what you ever did without her

Cemanthe Harris
New Media Angels

Dear Hannah,

When I engaged you to help me put together a Power Point presentation recently, I knew before we started that I would be getting a remarkably polite, considerate and willing assistant who was a joy to work with, what I didn’t bargain for was getting a remarkably efficient, knowledgeable, adaptable and skilful one as well!

My task was completed with very little input from me in no time which made your very competitive pricing structure even more attractive.

I hesitate to recommend you too highly as you will only get more booked up, but I have no choice.

You’re a little star!

David Lewitt, Managing Director
Willpower Group

Hannah is incredible. What more can I say? Ok, I will! She is very specific and engenders trust. She knows her stuff and never lets you down. She has an intuitive grasp of what you want. She is incredibly patient, and happy to spell out in words of one syllable how to get what you want from this social media age. Hannah is very business focussed, (Which I like.) She delivers on time and according to target.

It’s so wonderful for me to know that I can delegate to her and she will come up with the goods, on time, and far exceed my expectations, time after time. I particularly like the way I can throw ideas at her and she responds with “Here, is this what you meant?” It always is!

Hannen Beith
The Resurgence Consultancy

Dear Hannah

Has it really been 6 months already since I asked for your help with Potential Un-limited’s social media? The time has flown past, not least because you have made the whole process so easy for me.

With my schedule of speaking engagements and travelling, it had proved a real challenge for me to plan my social media effectively and yet I knew this was a key part of building my online credibility. When you explained that you could schedule everything for me, so that my regular series of tweets and blogs would get posted whatever my plans, I was delighted.

The results are proving you right. My Klout score (an important measurement of online influence and reach) has risen from 18 to 53 in record time and I am making significant business connections.

Thank you Hannah, I would not have the profile I have for my business without your help.

Warmest regards

D.L, Managing Director, Potential Unlimited,@DinahLiversidge

Dinah L

Everyone I meet in business complains of the same problem; and it's the one thing they can do nothing about … they need more time! Well, I say they can do nothing about it, but since taking on Hannah of Amethyst PA, I have managed to get a lot more done, in the same amount of time that we all have to deal with. Hannah is flexible, intuitive, and does one thing better than anything else, that I need the most … a good kicking of the backside!

When I'm in danger of missing an opportunity, due to my being "busy" on other things, Hannah ensures that I'm ever-so-subtly reminded! Whatever you have on your plate, and whatever your level of skill in delegating (I know it can be difficult to master), I'm sure Hannah can help you a great deal. I have no hesitation in recommending Hannah and Amethyst PA to help you accelerate your business achievements.

Matt Hodkinson
F7 Social - Doing days and training programmes for social media

Dear Hannah,

As I review the results for Reliable Roofer at the end of another year, I am struck by just how much you do for the business. When I asked for your help with “a bit of admin” three years ago, I never realised how quickly you would step in and manage the daily running of the business.

From dealing with clients over the telephone to booking my diary, typing my quotes, following them up and invoicing for them, to managing our VAT returns. You take care of everything. On a daily basis, I can do what I went into business to do- look after the roofs of my clients.

You have brought great ideas to the business and allowed me to market it in new ways; you have presented a professional front for the business and clients enjoy talking with you. You have changed the business in ways that have taken it forward and allowed it to thrive.

Thank you Hannah, Reliable Roofer would not be here today without your tremendous input, commitment and support.

Kind regards, J.L, Technical Director, Reliable Roofer Ltd., @ReliableRoofer

Reliable Roofer

Dear Hannah,

I’m writing to thank you for all your help over the last year. As an electrician I didn’t go into business to spend all day on the phone or replying to emails. However, like all expanding businesses, demand soon became too great for just yours truly to be able to cope with and Amethyst was the logical solution.

Now all my customers tell me how charming and efficient my office manager is and I have the most valuable commodity in the world back in my life- time.

A massive thanks Hannah, keep up the good work.

Kind regards

Adam Condon, AC Installations

Adam Condon
AC Installations

Michelle LuscombeThanks for stepping in at such short notice Hannah. I knew it was a simple task and wouldn’t take long but I was so maxed out that I just didn’t have the head space to deal with it. It was such a relief to know you were there.

Michelle Luscombe
Progressive PR & Marketing Ltd

Having met Hannah on previous occasions, it was only today that I was able to have a 1-2-1 with her, to find out more about her business.

I have concluded that Hannah is brilliant at what she does, treating clients as individuals & not as a number, but above all cares about their needs.

I am honored to work with Hannah & would not hesitate to recommend her & her company to all my clients.

So, if you need a Virtual Assistant, look no further than Hannah. You should also think of her & her colleagues as a brilliant support network

Paul Smith
World of Transport Travel

Jane JohnstoneDear Hannah,

I just wanted to let you know how thrilled my team here at PHP and indeed myself are with the excellent insight and understanding and indeed knowledge you imparted to us all last week.

You had certainly done your research and homework on our company before you arrived, you seemed to instantly understand our strengths and weaknesses and you got straight to work de-mystifying the myths behind Facebook and Twitter.

You certainly had all my boys eating out of your hands, and indeed you could have heard a pin drop whenever you spoke around the board table.

Hannah thank you for being so generous with your time.

Thank you for opening our ears and eyes into your amazing world.

Thank you for following up on our training and allowing us to be able to call upon your services at any time.

I would not hesitate to ask Hannah to come in and help us again, and I am already sharing with other companies, everyone needs some time with Hannah our expert in Multi-media.

Kindest of regards,

Jane Johnstone, Director, PHP Baby, @BabyCatalogue @JaneJohnstone3

Jane Johnstone
PHP Baby

British Hen Welfare TrustWe have been delighted with Amethyst PA who have helped us to reach out to new supporters on Facebook and Twitter, as well as improving our overall Klout score. Hannah is professional, efficient and a pleasure to work with and the charity has only benefited from using her social media skills. I would recommend her services to any charity wanting to promote their cause

British Hen Welfare Trust

For someone who is busy running two business, Hannah found the time to help me get 'connected' talk about givers give. Thanks

Ingrid von Bratt