I recently purchased a smartphone and boy what a difference it has made! I am currently writing this blog from my WordPress app from a bus!
I have, however, noticed a big change. Since I added my email,account to the phone I cannot have an evening without checking them, I do think this is a good and.bad thing, heres why:

Good reasons
1. I can always monitor my client’s needs – if they email me with an emergency, I can get back to them.
2. My clients know they can contact.me easily which is key to my business
3. I can write my blogs, ideas and social media from the comfort of my living room as soon as I have an idea which is great!
4. I can work in the move so travelling to networking meetings and business meetings don’t feel like time away from my clients

Some less welcomed changes

1. I cannot seem to leave the phone alone – if I am anywhere with Wi-Fi I will check my emails (if I’m not in a meeting!) just in case something “really important” happens and a client needs me (I am sure this is great for my clients, however, I seem to be doing this at ridiculous hours such as 9pm at night!)

2. It’s pretty addictive – here’s what I mean by “addictive” – as with one of my other posts “Is social media making us less sociable?” I have that feeling that I am becoming less social, maybe it’s because I can have many conversations through my phone’s hootsuite app or maybe that’s just a good excuse, but I find myself wanting to use social media even when I’m with my family.

3.The darned touch-screen! -I will always dislike touch-screens Рwhy? Because they are expensive and, more importantly, slow Рnot just in response time (which I know will only speed up as we get more technology knowledge) but with writing too. As the screen is small we have only a small space to type with (even when moved to landscape view) and I will constantly be deleting words or using the dictionary spell checker I used to  be able to text whilst looking up РI now see everyone, just like me, having to concentrate solely on what they are typing on their phone! Many a near collision has been cause because of this!


So, my verdict – I love using a smartphone, I can work from anywhere, I have a great piece of technology that works for me, I will, however, miss being able to text with one hand whilst I walk and have a conversation with someone. I also, promise to put the phone away at any meetings, dinners or family get-togethers – please do the same.

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